We love Victorian lamp shades, especially ones that are sewn by hand.  We think Victorian lamp shades have been and remain one of the most beautiful accent decor accessories in homes today.  Their uniqueness and beauty can create a lovely ambiance for your home.

The popularity of having Victorian and Vintage styled lampshades in homes, hotels and Bed & Breakfasts has increased dramatically due to the softness and ambiance they create.  The soft lighting that emanates from Victorian Lamp shades can give a room a peaceful and romantic aura.

The beauty and warmth of Victorian Lampshades has become a requirement for many homes that crave a unique work of art that the owners have had a hand in designing.  

We firmly believe when picking the shape of your lamp shade, have it match the lamp’s contour.  For example, if the lamp base is oval with some curves, the best style of shade would be oval with curves.  If your base is bottom-heavy, try adding a Victorian shade in the shape of a cone on top of the base.